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Worktree is a tree of local knowledge about how to get and keep a job.  Anyone who has worked, or looked for work, is a leaf.  We encourage children and young people to climb the branches.

Who knows what word or phrase, anecdote or quote, will spark a student to think freshly about their future?  Please join a circle of other guests answering questions about their experiences of work in a one-hour ‘Career WorkOut‘.  It’s easy, fast, helpful and fun.

why video 2
pledges 7.10.16
  • Great session this morning at Hazeley (20.10.15). One of the most promising groups I have had the pleasure of being interviewed by.  One of the questions I was asked was “What is the difference between employing young and more mature employees and how do I handle it”? This was a really sensible and well thought out question which no-one has asked before.


    Langton Wildman, Managing Director, Midas Eyewear, Wolverton Mill, Milton Keynes