12 more work guests at The Radcliffe School

On Friday 30th June, 12 more work guests poured into The Radcliffe School for its 18th one-hour Career WorkOut session this year.  Worktree’s Career WorkOut sessions have reached more than 900 Radcliffe students aged 11-18 so far this year.

Friday’s session was with 45 Year 9 students (aged 13-14).  In post-session evaluation questionnaires, all 12 guests agreed they had ‘enjoyed the session’ and ‘now feel more positive about my work’.

Andy Whitehead, of Isban, Santander’s IT arm, said:  “Today reminded me of the uncertainty you feel when growing up.  I loved doing this.”

“I loved seeing the students developing their thinking on wider issues like work-life balance,” said another volunteer on the day.  “This was a very pleasant group to talk to.  They were bright and asked searching questions.  Very well done to them”.

Students interviewing a work guest at The Radcliffe School

Student outcomes from the session were impressive.  Student questionnaires completed before and after the session showed average increases as follows:  18% increase in ‘I am confident talking to adults I don’t know’, 14% increase in ‘I am confident making choices about my work future’ and 8% increase in ‘I am motivated to learn and achieve’.

Worktree welcomes adults from all work backgrounds to be guests in one-hour Career WorkOut sessions.  If you are a school parent or neighbour with any experience of the world of work, please contact Worktree at info@worktree.org or tel 07966 204109, or sign up directly at www.worktree.org/events.