About us

Theresa Mercer

I grew up in villages in and around Leighton Buzzard. From my first day at school all I ever wanted to be was a teacher (as well as the token ‘pop star’ of course). Although I loved studying I was rubbish at sitting exams and after many attempts just couldn’t get my A levels. I left school and ended up working for a housing association in Tring. Inspired by a manager there (who is still a good friend) I decided to go into HR (Human resources), so I went to De monfort Uni in MK and achieved my CIPD (Chartered Institute of Personnel & Development) at night school.

I had a couple of different HR jobs allowing me to build my skill set and then fell pregnant with my first child in 1998 (seems like a long time ago now). I was able to take a career break of nearly 8 years but after the first year of my daughter (born in 2002) staring school I was bored and needed to use my brain again! That’s when I met Tom & Bhupinder. I started working with Tom & Bhupinder in 2007, the rest is history and I love it!

My spare time is taken up by 2 teenagers and living life to the full, and sometimes I get to be a ‘pop star’.