Anne Goldsmith, Behaviour First Consultancy

Anne Goldsmith volunteered in Career WorkOut at The Hazeley Academy.

“I thoroughly enjoyed my time there and found the students extremely interesting to talk to and also to listen to their questions,” she said.  “I can remember one student in particular who was quiet and shy and felt uncomfortable asking me any questions.  Then I asked him what he enjoyed doing at school and out of school.  He then told me about his love of cooking, that he has taken cookery as an option and about some of the dishes that he had made.  During this conversation, his whole attitude and personality changed.

“It inspired and motivated me personally and also in terms of my business and considering how to move my business forward. It was interesting to discover that many children (and quite surprisingly boys) thought that my job was cool and that they think there should be lots of people like me in schools (once I explained what I did.) One student said that she would love to do what I did.

“I will continue to volunteer my time for Worktree Career WorkOuts, because I think it such a valuable experience for the students.”