Career WorkOut at Oakgrove School 17.3.16

49 Year 7 students (11-12 year olds) and 11 work guests attended.

49 students completed questionnaires before and after the session showing:

  • 18% increase in ‘I am confident making choices about my future work options’
  • 14% increase in ‘I have the employability skills I need to do well in work’
  • 16% increase in ‘I am confident talking to adults I don’t know’.

One student before the session said ‘I want to learn what different work environments are like’.

One student after the session said ‘I enjoyed talking to every single visitor and I am thankful for this opportunity.  I learnt that if I put my mind to something I can achieve it’.

Another student commented ‘I learnt about a lot of different jobs that I hadn’t even heard of’.

Another student commented ‘ I learnt that hard work and dedication is vital in the world of work’.

A wide range of guests attended the session including two new guests Melissa Aitken and Ruth Scarff from Deloitte.  11 guests attended and 9 completed questionnaires after the session showing:

  • 10 strongly agreed and 1 agreed ‘I enjoyed the session’
  • 8 strongly agreed and 3 agreed ‘I felt valued’
  • 11 strongly agreed ‘I would be happy to do this again’.

Sarah Treharne of Dentons said:  ‘The students were really friendly and engaged’.

PCSO Julie Stone of Thames Valley Police said ‘The students really thought about the questions they asked and seemed like they had really enjoyed the session’.

Another guest commented ‘The students were really involved and asked some really interesting questions.  A great session’!

Pictured during the session is guest Tabby Beesley of MP Beesley & Son.

(The student results above are generated by totalling their responses to given statements on a scale from 1-10.)