Career WorkOut stretches my thoughts about work – Langton Wildman, Midas Eyewear

Langton Wildman of Midas Eyewear has been a long time supporter of Worktree and has attended over 20 Career WorkOut sessions in this academic year alone.

“I am Managing Director of Midas Eyewear, established company in July 1998 and I’ve been MD for 20 years”.

“I was initially approached by Alan Bullen, MD of Lynx Networks to take part.  In the case of Hazeley Academy, Shenley Brook End School, St Paul’s School and Radcliffe School, they are all within cycling distance of home or work. I enjoy the interaction with the pupils – it stretches my thoughts about what is and what is not so important about work”.

“In 80% of the cases I thought the young people had a positive outlook on their future. The remaining 20% would possibly find it much harder, but in many cases they still had many years in which to mature”.

“Taking part in Career WorkOut certainly makes me feel that it was worth working for as long as possible – possibly to give some of them a chance in the future – who knows”?

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