David Ayres, Solutions Architect, BI Worldwide

David Ayres, who joined BI Worldwide as a Solutions Architect in 2012, has been out talking with local school students about his work for the company.  In a one-hour ‘Career WorkOut’ session at Oakgrove School, David joined a circle of volunteer work guests from different companies in a carousel of 6-minute conversations in which student groups of 3-4 asked questions about his experiences of work.

“I’ve always wanted to give back to people starting their careers,” said David. “When I was younger I was fortunate enough that somebody took a chance on me and that started the process to get me where I am today.

“The kids were all great. I was surprised at how keen they were to ask questions and the conversation flowed really well.

“It’s good to talk about what I do and the company I work for.  It reminds me how fortunate I am to be doing something I love for a company that is really great to work for.”

Career WorkOut sessions are organised by Worktree, a local employability education charity, and take place at eight different MK schools on different days of the week throughout the year.  The aim is to develop career awareness, stimulate aspirations and develop vital employability skill of speaking and listening to unfamiliar adults.  If you would like to have a go, simply answering student questions about your experience of work, simply click www.worktree.org/events and sign up for a session.