I hoped my story would resonate with them – Gary Lincoln, TXM Group

Gary Lincoln, Group Director for TXM Group, one of Worktree’s sponsors, recently attended a Career WorkOut at Stantonbury International School for 240 year 10 students.

“This initiative is brilliant as it engages the students on their level” said Gary.  “What’s important to them is we answer honestly…What my working day looks like, Does my job require me to travel?  Do I need to speak different languages?”

“I come from a similar background to some of the students, with minimal support. I hoped my story would resonate with them”.

“The message for the young people is that no matter where you are right now with your education, given the correct mindset and a willingness to work hard, anyone can achieve success”.

“Supporting local community activities is important to the values of TXM Recruit. Our founders and many of our directors are from this region and everyone has worked hard to achieve what they have. Most do not come from privileged backgrounds and if our narratives can help inspire these young people to follow in a similar path then we will be happy”.

“I would encourage as many professionals as possible to get involved as you can see in the students eyes the curiosity and interest. These young people need to be exposed to the wider opportunities available.”

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