“I need to give them the best impression of me” – PCSO Andy Angus, Thames Valley Police

Andy Angus is one year in post as a Police Community Support Officer.  Prior to that he worked in Police Communications with Thames Valley Police (Control Room) where he was both an operator and a supervisor for 22 years.

“I decided to do a Career WorkOut session with Worktree because I feel it’s so important for students to be able to ask questions of people who are actually in the roles they may be interested in as a career.  This is something that was not available to me when I was that age and quite conceivably could have given me a far better idea about what I may have wanted to choose as a career.

“I met some very enthusiastic students on the day who reminded me that what I do on a daily basis can and does make a difference to people.  I always view young people as potentially the people who will be there in my role in the future and I may well be calling on them to help me one day.  To that end I need to give them the best impression of me and what I do in the hope that it stays with them.

“My colleagues should do this for the same reasons, a reminder of what we do and why we do it and a valuable opportunity to engage with the younger generation and impart some valuable lessons about what the future may hold for them.”