“I say YES” – Philip Watling, author

Philip Watling was hit by in a car in 1994 and spent five months in hospital. Having been advised to write a diary of his hospital experiences, and with friends suggesting he write a book, did just that.  Flight of a Lifetime has been on sale since 2008.  In 2017, Philip took part his first Career WorkOut session.

“Having been asked to take part in Career WorkOut,’ says Philip, “my first thought was ‘Why me? I don’t even work!’.  Then I realised that I have been through a unique experience and I might be able to inspire people.  So why not me?”

“My first venture was at Oakgrove School.  I sat with a dozen-or-so business people for a very rewarding hour and stumbled through the session trying to decide on what I was going to talk about.  As soon as I mentioned I had written a book though they looked interested and when I said I had died in 1994 all eyes were on me.  They wanted to know its title and many flicked through the copy I had on me, some even writing down the title on their hands.

“I was amazed at the interest given to little old me and the knowledge that I could make a child think about their future in a better way, or give them the inspiration to fight against the hard times, was very rewarding.  I have since discovered that at least one pupil bought my book from Amazon (http://ow.ly/DKc3l), which is such a good feeling.

“I have no colleagues, but if anyone in Milton Keynes, working or retired, is thinking about coming to a session I say YES. It gives one such a good feeling knowing that they are helping the next generation care for them in their retirement.  LOL!”

Check out Philip’s inspiring (e)book, Flight of a Lifetime- the true story of life, death, resurrection, horses.

See Philip’s work for another charity, MK SNAP, in a film made by the Co-op.

To have a go at Career WorkOut, click here.

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