This course of six half-days intensive training is designed to transform the employability skills and attitudes of 14-19 year olds who are not succeeding in mainstream education.

Using latest employability research and interactive activities to include and engage disengaged students, or those with special education needs, i-Work includes action learning sets in which a group of six take turns to present a personal work issue they face and take open questions from their peers, then agree actions to take and report back next time.  This helps individuals to understand a personal issue blocking their progress and take actions to overcome it.

i-Work requires a minimum of 12 students (maximum 24) and follows a schedule which can be tailored to meet learner needs:

  • 1st workshop:  Engage Me
  • 2nd workshop:  Employ Me
  • 3rd session:  Action Learning 1
  • 4th session:  Action Learning 2
  • 5th session:  Action Learning 3
  • 6th sessions:  Enterprise Me.

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