It was very rewarding – Colin Bradley

Colin Bradley retired a few months ago and is one of our newest volunteers to Career WorkOut, taking part in five sessions already with many more booked for the coming months.

“I came to know about Career WorkOut as I offered to take the place of a friend who found himself unavailable for some sessions he had booked on”.

“I have attended sessions at Sir Herbert Leon Academy  with Year 7, 8 and 9 and two more at Hazeley Academy”.

“Participating in this activity has made me feel glad that the students were getting the chance to ask questions of “older” workers, so they could understand the world of work better.  It was very rewarding”.

“Career WorkOut has made me realise how important it was that I found that happiness in a job/company/environment which was as relevant as salary.   I never was a “high flyer” but most of the jobs I held were in very happy surroundings with good colleagues.  I found it important to pass this knowledge on to the students I was talking to”.

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