John Lewis provides most valuable guest for Career WorkOut

John Lewis Plc has donated a brand new iPad for Worktree to use as a virtual work guest in its Career WorkOut sessions.  The device will be used by school students in the sessions to ask questions of a virtual guest, Toby the Window Cleaner.  Toby is a real person who is usually up a ladder and unable to attend the sessions in schools.

He was introduced to Worktree by Rhys Wedderburn, one of Worktree’s associate facilitators, who made the film.

The students simply click on the questions they want to ask and this triggers short video clips of real Toby answering the questions.  He is our first virtual guests and, following a successful pilot at Oakgrove School, looks set to be one of our most valuable yet as he can be used several times in the same week!

“We don’t want digital guests to replace our real guests,” said Tom Bulman of Worktree, “as it’s in the real face-to-face to discussions that we empathy happens and inspiration begins.  But it sure is handy to have Toby on standby for sessions where one of our real guests is delayed or called away at the last minute.  Thank you, John Lewis!”

“Career WorkOut is a brilliant opportunity for young people to engage with business people to gain a greater insight into employment opportunities, whist inspiring students to look beyond school at a world of possibilities” said Anne Dodds, Community Liaison Coordinator for John Lewis.

Pictured is Theresa Mercer of Worktree collecting the donated iPad from Anne Dodds of John Lewis plc.