PJ Care extends to local schools

For more than two years, PJ Care staff have volunteered in one-hour Career WorkOut sessions in local schools organised by Worktree.

In 2015-16, when PJ Care was an official sponsor, the company was the second most generous of all MK companies with a whopping 45 hours being volunteered by 25 different members of PJ Care staff (see league table 2015-16).   Neil Russell, then Chief Operating Officer (now Chief Executive), said:  “It helps us with our recruitment.  It also helps you think about what you do.  We have a number of staff who’ve come along and they all come back happier.” (See video with Neil talking.)

Here’s what Pam O’Connell said after volunteering for a Career WorkOut session at Lord Grey School:  “Upon returning to work I did reflect on my working life, how I got to where I am and how much I enjoy my current role in this company.  Before I came here I did go through a very unpleasant experience which, at the time, made me extremely angry and bitter but now I’m glad that it happened because I’m happy where I am today.  Sometimes things happen for a reason.”

Last year the company volunteered less, but still an impressive 22 hours in Career WorkOut (see league table 2017-18).  Now there are opportunities to volunteer to answer questions from primary school as well as secondary school pupils.  Some of the sessions are in schools very close to PJ Care’s offices in Bletchley.

Please sign up for one or more upcoming sessions, www.worktree.org/events.

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