Primary World of Work

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Primary World of Work (PWOW) is a resource pack for teachers which gets 9-14 year olds talking about their work futures and meeting real workers from their local community.  PWOW links with the UK national curriculum to show pupils the link between education and their future work.  Click here to see it in action.

Developed by teachers for teachers, PWOW includes step-by-step guidance for organising guest employees, interactive teaching resources and easy to follow session plans. The resource includes 16 decks of 35 trumps Career Cards, 16 Question Cards, ‘My Ideal Job’ templates to stimulate a short project and other templates in electronic format. PWOW enhances and raises awareness of employability skills including communication team work, and problem solving.

World of Work develops aspirations. Raising work aspirations has a positive effect on pupil motivation to learn and behave well in school. This improves their attainment of employability skills including literacy and numeracy. And PWOW is engaging. Children learn best about work by meeting real people doing real jobs. PWOW raises the aspirations of disadvantaged pupils while engaging the whole class.

See teachers and pupils talking about different aspects of PWOW by clicking these video links:

Satisfy Ofsted
Inspectors want to see how schools addresses the spiritual, social, moral and cultural development of pupils…

  • how teaching enables pupils to develop communication skills
  • how teachers use questioning and discussion to promote learning
  • how teachers enthuse, engage and motivate pupils to learn
  • …through interactions with adults from the local community.

PWOW helps teachers do this.

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