Rhian Chandhar, Network Rail

Rhian Chandhar, a Professional Development and Customer Consultant who has been working at Network Rail for 5 years, recently volunteered in a one-hour Career WorkOut session.

“The opportunity arose at my old school, Denbigh School, so immediately this stood out to me,” she said.  “I had heard of the charity Worktree from colleagues and family who have volunteered, and I had always wanted to do it but just never took the time to sign up and make that commitment.

“I volunteered at Denbigh School from 8.30am-1pm.  I chose to do multiple sessions as I really wanted to make the most of my ½ day volunteer leave given to me by Network Rail.  Each of the sessions lasted an hour and students took turns to sit in small groups of 4-5 in font of me to ask questions and find out more about me and my career.

“Young people are just the same as when I was young, nothing has changed really!  The students asked some really challenging questions and I was surprised about how many of them had an idea of what they wanted to be when they were older.

“The fact that Network Rail gives us 5 paid volunteer days to use per year to help charities like Worktree is amazing.  The questions the young people asked really made me think about how far I have come to date with my career and where the future could take me.”

If you would like to have a go at a one-hour Career WorkOut session in a school near you, sign up at www.worktree.org/events

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