Southwood pupils enjoy Primary WorkOut

49 Year 6 pupils (age 10-11) took part in a two-hour Primary WorkOut session at Southwood Primary School.  The volunteer work guests were HR Manager Anne Dodds of John Lewis, technical author Derek Cooper and clay modeler Richard Collins.

Before/After questionnaire responses showed that the pupils experienced a 10.9% increase in ‘I know what job I want to do’, 8.2% increase in ‘I know how to be a good worker’ and 9.3% increase in ‘I am motivated to work hard in School’.  The average score given out of 10 for ‘how much did you enjoy this session?’ was 8.78.

“I liked trying to guess other people’s jobs and learning about how other people work,” said one pupil.

“The children where very well behaved and showed interest,” said guest Richard Collins.  “It’s really enjoyable to feel like we’re influencing young people,” said guest Derek Cooper.

“I liked the structure, content and delivery,” said teacher Ian Cowper.  “The pupils were fully engaged.”

Thanks to MK Community Foundation for help funding Primary WorkOut this year.

If you would like to have a go at Primary WorkOut, go to

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