We are very pleased to receive individual donations at any time.

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In 2016-17, we have been pleased to receive individual donations from:

  • Cllr Derek Eastman (Councillor’s grant allowance)
  • Don Head
  • Cllr Alan Webb (Councillor’s grant allowance)
  • Tabitha Beesley.

In 2015-16, we were pleased to receive individual donations from:

  • Cllr Andrew Buckley (Councillor’s grant allowance)
  • Cllr Liz Gifford (Councillor’s grant allowance)
  • Cllr Jenni Ferrans (Councillor’s grant allowance)
  • Mondira Sinha-Ray.

And we do sometimes do crazy things for crowd funding (pictured above).

Worktree is grateful for all donations received.