‘Talking Myself Into Work’ – Worktree guests get young homeless people talking at YMCA

The latest series of Career WorkOut sessions at YMCA Milton Keynes, a project called ‘Talking Myself Into Work’, has been progressing well since succeeding the ‘Action Learning for Employment’ pilot last summer.  But time is running out to find new sponsorship from April, when the European Social Fund grant ends.

Since November 2017, 36 YMCA residents have had 259 conversations with 55 guests from the world of work.

“It’s helped me talk more confidently and ask better questions than I could’ve before,” said Clint Okuribido, a 21-year-old resident who has already met and interviewed 31 different work guests over seven one-hour sessions.  “I’ve been through a lot recently but meeting all these people has helped me to think more clearly about what I want.”

A guest said: “For myself I learned that I need to speed up and get less detailed with the small amount of time available in a short conversation.

“The very different backgrounds of the volunteers, with the different skills they bring to the table, seems like it gave the residents a breadth of ideas and help.”

Paul Griffiths, YMCA Business Development Manager, said:  “We want very much to continue the Worktree WorkOut sessions on Friday mornings for our residents.”

If you represent a local company interested in sponsoring a series of Career WorkOut sessions for YMCA residents (see benefits), please contact Tom Bulman asap, tom.bulman@worktree.org, tel 07962 838685.