John Edwards, Senior Centre Manager at Business Environment MK Ltd

” I had a remarkable time, and found this event to be highly rewarding. The students were great and I do believe that they took something positive away from the day, I know that I certainly did”!  

  • Kerry Clifford, Careers & Work Experience Co-ordinator, The Bridge Academy

    I liked how the volunteer guests treated our students with complete respect and as adults. It was well run and fast moving so our students remained interested. I was apprehensive about the session as I didn’t think our students would engage well but they did and it was really fantastic – the best careers session we have had this year!

  • Mr Troughton, Geography Teacher, Oakgrove School

    The students were genuinely engaged throughout the session and demonstrated excellent levels of maturity and interest. I saw them develop and grow to young adulthood before my eyes!

  • Kev Hickman, Musician

    I was striking a few conversations up with students about what their dream job was (as I am fortunate to do mine for a living) and I was shocked by how many of them were worried that they hadn’t decided what they wanted to do. They’re only 14/15 and seem to have a large amount of pressure on them to have a goal of what they want to get out of their lives.

  • Guest Liz Richards, Adult Social Careers Officer, MK Council

    This afternoon I met with a Year 13 student at St Paul’s. She found out about the Work Experiences and Apprenticeships that I arrange through Worktree’s Career Workout that Zoe Rymer (Apprentice in Adult Social Care) participated in at St Paul’s on the 2nd of November 2016.

    I thought that you would like to know that the session has had a positive impact as the student is now considering an Apprenticeship in Adult Social Care.  She was unaware of this option prior to the Worktree event. 

  • Alan Cusdin, Head of Monitoring for Corporate & Commercial Risk, Santander

    I felt valued in my role and the session caused me to think about how much I appreciated my team and the great people I worked with every day.

  • Teacher, Lord Grey School, 12.4.16

    I liked how Career WorkOut took the students out of their comfort zone.

  • Teacher, Lord Grey School, 12.4.16

    In the Career WorkOut session I enjoyed looking at the children who I teach.  It helps me to guide them through the subject (science) to school them were it fits into the outside world.  It was good to see some of the shy ones asking and answering questions too.

  • Robin Green, Deputy Headteacher, Oakgrove School

    Parents have picked up on the value of the Career WorkOut sessions we’ve run for all students this year.  Our recent parental survey results have just come in and there has been a significant increase in parents’ rating of careers advice – up 7% on last year’s survey.


  • Ian Tett, Headteacher, Oakgrove School

    Can I just say how brilliant Career Workout 5o has been and we have had so many compliments from visitors about the students and school.

  • Tony Nelson, Headteacher, The Hazeley Academy

    “Feedback from our students and staff strongly suggest that Worktree’s Career WorkOut sessions have had a dramatic positive impact on student aspirations, personal vision and drive. In over two decades in education I have not come across a more effective programme for achieving these goals across such a wide range of students for so minimal investment in terms of time and money.”

  • Robyn Joyner, Year 10 student, St Paul’s Catholic Schools

    One change I will now make in my life is that I will try harder at school and be more confident when talking to new people.  The day was full of fun and has given me an idea of what to expect when I go for a job interview.

  • Michelle Theuma, Onyx Recruitment

    Very worthwhile and I would highly recommend it to other professionals.

  • Jennifer Rowlands, St. Paul’s RC School

    The students found the Employ Me tasks engaging and relevant. The activities gave them good opportunities to develop teamwork and creativity.

  • Amanda Brabin, Head of Careers & Work Related Learning, Lord Grey School.

    The workshop definitely helped our disengaged young people develop their confidence and skills.

  • Jon Burgess, Deputy Headteacher, Leon School

    Our less able learners coped very well with the employability training because there was great support from the Worktree team

  • Year 6 student, Bushfield School

    I used to find school boring but after (meeting the work guests) I thought I should concentrate more in school because then I can get higher grades in college and university and I can get the job I want more easily.

  • Ruth Hemingway, Deputy Headteacher of Brooksward.

    A very well organised and planned session – just the right amount of time for our pupils too.

  • Michelle Jessop, Deputy Headteacher of Giffard Park.

    The session was interesting, enjoyable and useful.

  • Caroline Lewis, Headteacher of Drayton Park.

    The event broadened the thinking of many of our pupils and hopefully raised aspirations…also helped them practise their questioning, speaking and listening skills.

  • Caroline Lewis, Headteacher, Drayton Park School

    I believe Primary WorkOut has broadened the thinking of many of our pupils and hopefully raised aspirations in addition to providing a great opportunity for them to practise their questioning, speaking and listening skills.

  • Kay Odedra, Teaching Assistant, Bushfield Middle School

    It was good for the pupils to be treated like an adult with respect.

  • Leona, Year 6 pupil, Oxley Park School

    “I learnt that what you dream of as a job is not always what you get”

  • Jacob Yeboah, Year 5 pupil, Oxley Park Primary School

    I loved the WorkOut session.  Thank you whoever organised it.

  • Paul Romans, WorkOut Guest, SNO!zone

    I wish I had Primary WorkOut when I was their age

  • Paul Romans, WorkOut Guest, SNO!Zone

    What I enjoyed most was the childrens’ questions – made me remember why I love my job