Action Learning Set

Combining his experiences of school teaching (seven years) and facilitating Action Learning Sets at London School for Social Entrepreneurs (12 years), Worktree’s Tom Bulman delivers a certified course of five half-day Action Learning Set sessions to develop secondary school middle managers.

In an Action Learning Set, 5-6 professionals take turns to present issues they are personally facing at work and respond to open questions from the rest of the group; then resolve a small number of action points to take and be held accountable for at the next Set meeting.

Expertly facilitated to optimise peer learning, this is an intensive and powerful method for developing professional competence and confidence.

Tom Bulman has facilitated more than 1,000 hours of Action Learning Sets involving more than 200 professionals. Here are some of their comments:

  • Naomi Mwasambili:  “Tom has a fantastic way of finding the point of your problem and then assisting you in finding the solution. He provided focused guidance that was workable and understood how to do it and keep the core values of your organisation.”
  • Junior Smart:  “Tom is one of those rare facilitators who manages to make you walk away thinking it was your idea and what he has done is skilfully unlock your potential.  My sessions with Tom were perhaps the best I have ever had and I write two years on.”
  • Stephanie Hayman:  “Tom clearly put a lot of thought into how to maximise the effectiveness of each session. I have subsequently attended other AL groups but Tom’s was by far the most powerful and useful.”

To find out more about attending a course of five half-day sessions, contact Tom Bulman.