Case Study – WOW Facilitator Training at Christ the Sower Primary School

In June 2015, two teachers from Christ the Sower Primary School were trained to use Primary World of Work materials with Year 6 pupils.  This involved an experienced Worktree facilitator in meeting with the teachers to plan the day, modelling the assembly delivery at the start and end of the day, and supporting both teachers and two support assistants through delivery of the various activities.

Headteacher Huw Humphreys said:  “Worktree provided inspired ways to help children prepare for the main “course” of the day – interviewing four guests from different work settings and finding out all about their employment.

“We started the day with an assembly for Y4-6 learning about what it is that employers really wanted – good self-management, teamwork, enterprise-awareness, problem-solving and the skills of listening and speaking, before they met the guests – somebody from Argos head office, a self-employed mural artist, a park ranger and a guy who works for Apple.

“All this took place at the same time as I was beginning the annual round of recruiting children into the 72 posts in 13 job-roles that we want Y6 children to take part in across the school next year. This has forced the current Year 5 to think about more formal approaches to “doing jobs” in school – an extended application form, arguing for some of the skills that Worktree was sharing with them today, the expectation of interview and testing before a post becomes a reality, and the training that will be needed to keep the skills in place throughout their time in Year 6.

“At the end of the day, the Worktree facilitator brought all the groups together and we had a really super discussion with Y6 and Y5 together about what had been learnt, and what difference it was going to make to these children. The facilitator challenged them to talk to 50 people this year about their jobs, and build up a really clear idea of what it is that would suit them as they grow up.

“The Worktree facilitator has empowered by teachers to deliver the same activity to next year’s Year 6 pupils.”