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  • “I have realised my organisation can do more” – Police Inspector Michael Morland

    Police Inspector Michael Morland is responsible for delivering neighbourhood policing across Milton Keynes, having joined Thames Valley Police seven years ago on a promotion from Warwickshire Police.

    “I decided to participate in a Career WorkOut session as it is a great way to engage with young people and help them develop their skills for the world of work.  A number of colleagues told me that it was a really excellent way to meet young people.  I completed my WorkOut at Oakgrove school with about 30 Year 8 students.

    “I really enjoyed answering their questions about my role in the Police, and felt appreciated on how interested they were in my job.  The style and approach also allowed the pupils to practice interview skills such as introducing themselves and shaking hands.  The format made the experience positive and stimulating but not too formal, which was fantastic.

    “This experience made me feel very positive towards young people, and I have realised my organisation can do more to engage and support the younger generation.  I have spoken to my neighbourhood officers and I am encouraging them all to complete a Career WorkOut.

    “The format and structure of Career WorkOut out means it is a fun and exciting experience for all!”

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  • “We want our young people to get MK jobs” – Councillor Khan

    Cllr Mohammed Khan, newly elected MK Councillor for Bletchley East Ward (Labour), where he has grown up, had a go at one-hour Career WorkOut recently in  Lord Grey School and Sir Herbert Leon Academy, where he was a pupil.

    “I enjoyed the company of the young people,” he said afterwards.  “They were engaged in listening and seemed really interested in what I do.

    “I was impressed by one student who really wanted to be an engineer.  He was fascinated at the idea that of attending university and studying this here in Milton Keynes.

    “If we don’t set up as role models for community integration, who will?  Our city is growing fast.  There are already 180,000 jobs.  We want our young people to get these jobs.”

    If you would like to have a go at a one-hour Career WorkOut in a local school, click www.worktree.org/events.

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  • Ken Rolston, BioTissue

    Ken Rolston is a sales rep for American company BioTissue which procures, processes, stores and distributes preserved amniotic membrane (placenta).  His job is to call on ophthalmologists, optometrists, hospitals and ambulatory surgery centers in the New York City area.  He has worked for the company for five years and, while visiting MK this month, took his turn as a Career WorkOut guest.

    “The experience made me feel incredibly empathetic for what it feels like to be 14 again!  The kids were a diverse mix of characters, outgoing, introverted, funny, awkward, curious . They wanted to know all about life as a New Yorker. How are the schools in the states, what’s different over there? We discussed aspects of my career in the eye business, how much education is required, what is the job like, how much money does it pay.

    “I shared with them the relative independence in a sales reps life such as working from a home based office, setting your own hours, visiting different places every day, learning to work in an operating room without fainting.  I brought a sample of the amniotic material and showed it to the students and discussed how we work with expectant mothers who donate their placentas after birth.  Their reactions were decidedly mixed between fascination and horror.

    “Doing the Career WorkOut made me realize how fortunate I’ve been to work in a very specific field with seemingly endless innovation. I wanted to let them know that a career like this is possible for anyone. I was an average student at best without an intensive scientific background yet found a career that has turned out to be pretty cool.”

    If you want to have a go as a Career WorkOut guest, click www.worktree.org/events.

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