Be a champion

If you have enjoyed volunteering as a work guest in Career WorkOut, why not spread the joy to colleagues, neighbours, friends and relatives?  Just tell them how easy it was, how the students seemed to engage with it and how much you enjoyed it, it’s only an hour, “please click www.worktree.org/events and book yourself in!”

If confident, can you help us brief guests at the start of a session?

Or present to a group of potential guests, using this information, Career WorkOut Champion.pdf?  We can provide a slideshow if helpful.

Or if you are willing to have your own story of volunteering as a work guest published, on our website and/or in local press, please send us answers to these five questions.

If interested to be one of our champions in any of these ways, please contact tom.bulman@worktree.org, tel 07962 838685.  We would love to hear from you.