Lead A Session

Challenge your communication skills by facilitating a Career WorkOut session or leading a WOW session.


As WorkOut sessions are wanted by more schools, we need to grow our small team of facilitators.  Using our experience of training teachers to do this in schools in Milton Keynes, UK and overseas, we have developed a method of training employee and individual volunteers to facilitate sessions independently, with only Worktree’s Event Co-ordinator and a school teacher in attendance.

This is for volunteers who have attended three or more WorkOut sessions as work guests.  The training is in three stages:  first, observing and reflecting on an experienced facilitator in action;  second, co-delivery with an experienced facilitator; finally, being observed and receiving feedback from an experienced facilitator.

If you are interested in taking part in this training, please contact us now.


This involves visiting a school on your own and leading a one-hour World of Work (WOW) session using the WOW Ambassador Pack.   Worktree provides training, the WO pack and support, to ensure you have an enjoyable and valuable experience.  See it in action here.