What’s The Problem

As well as the problem of young people needing employability skills, careers information and work aspirations to gain fulfilling employment in tomorrow’s world of work (Why We Exist), employers and employees have needs which need fulfilling today:

  • Engaging young people.  Many employers struggle to fill vacant posts and say young people lack sufficient employability skills.
  • Developing skillsSome workers aren’t confident and effective talking to customers or colleagues.
  • Personal motivation To be productive, employees need to feel personally fulfilled, engaged in their local community and valued by others.
  • Social responsibility Social responsibility, whether personal or corporate, can be hard to fulfil under the pressure of day to day business.

Worktree addresses these problems by organising simple, short and satisfying volunteering experiences.  After volunteering in a one hour Career WorkOut sessions, almost all our work guests say they feel more positive about their own work (see outcomes).