Case study – Enterprise Me workshop with 16-18 year old students in Milton Keynes, UK

Case study – Enterprise Me workshop with 16-18 year old students in Milton Keynes, UK

Sir Herbert Leon Academy is a mixed secondary school on a 1960s housing estate in the south of Milton Keynes, home to some of the UK’s most disadvantaged families. 20 students aged 16-17 took part in a one-day Enterprise Me workshop to improve work habits and encourage personal planning for success in school and work.

Paul Read, Senior Teacher, said: “Enterprise Me helped them think of their role as workers in the sixth form and experience what it will feel like as future employees. They had to think about their personal attitude, deadlines and results, and write a job description to reflect their current role as students. This really got them thinking about their key tasks and how to do them.”

Students were led to think about their own performance as workers, using the evidence of feedback from teacher comments and written reports. They also interviewed work guests in a WorkOut session about their jobs and how they had handled change in work roles.

All of the students agreed or strongly agreed that the training had helped them to understand what skills employers are looking for. One student said: “I enjoyed learning what it feels like to have a formal appraisal meeting with your manager and finding out which skills I need to build on.”

Guest Lisa Benson of WS Advertising, said: “I was surprised at how focused the students were with strong ideas for their futures. They seemed interested to know how I made my own career moves.”

All guests said that meeting the students had made them think positively about their own work and would be happy to take part in future WorkOut sessions.

Paul Read, Senior Teacher, said: “The students were engaged in the workshop because it was fast-paced and focused on their actual performance now, as well as their future aspirations.”