What We Do

WorkOut Sessions

‘WorkOut’ sessions involve young people meeting workers to gain first-hand careers information, stimulate work aspirations and develop vital speaking & listening skills.  Volunteer work guests visit either primary school (Primary WorkOut) or a secondary school (Career WorkOut) and simply answer student questions about their personal experiences of work.

Young people benefit as they work out:

  • what jobs are available and how to get them
  • which jobs they like or do not like the sound of
  • how to speak with adults they don’t know.

Businesses benefit as their employees work out:

  • what it’s like for young people in school
  • why they do what they do at work.  After talking about the purpose and practical aspects of their jobs, guests return to work feeling valued.
  • how to make it easy for young people to understand their work – sometimes itself a workout!

Schools benefit from:

  • Student engagement.  No reading or writing, students value having their questions answered authentically.
  • Impartial careers information about local jobs.
  • Networking with local businesses.  When guests feel highly valued, teachers have can approach them personally.
  • Community cohesion, evidencing Social, Moral, Spiritual & Cultural (SMSC) development and preparation for Life in Modern Britain.