What We Do

Career WorkOut

Career WorkOut introduces young people aged 11-18 to work guests from a range of work backgrounds so they can find out what it’s really like to be in that job.

The aim is to develop young people’s career awareness and aspirations, also to improve their employability skills, especially speaking and listening.  Volunteer workers are encouraged to simply to Be Our Guest and answer questions as fully and honestly as they can.  Guests typically report afterwards that they enjoyed the activity and felt valued by the students.  See outcomes.

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How it works

A group of guests from different work backgrounds sit in a circle facing outwards, each faced by 1-4 learners.  At the facilitator’s instruction, the learners begin asking their first work guest open questions about his or her personal experience of work.  After 6-8 minutes, the facilitator stops the conversations and asks the learners to move to their left and begin questioning the next guest.  They continue until they have met 7-8 guests within an hour.

WorkOut is fast paced and fun as well as informative for both young people and adults.