What We Do

Primary WorkOut

Primary WorkOut helps 9-11 year olds learn about different jobs and develop their speaking & listening skills.

After a short introduction assembly, class groups rotate around 3-4 diverse work guests interviewing each one about their work.  First the pupils spend five minutes asking closed questions to guess the guest’s job, then 15-20 minutes of open questions to find out what it’s really like.

Feedback on film – Click here to see pupils and teachers talk about the impact.  Click here and here for the reflections of two work guests.

Primary WorkOut inspires pupils to think about new career options and helps the school to make links with the community.

Sessions are facilitated by Worktree staff who work flexibly with the school to optimise pupil learning. Requirements include one classroom per class group and an assembly area for briefing and de-briefing with the whole year group before and after the carousel of class group interviews with the guests.

If you would like to know more, maybe observe or participate in a session, contact bhupinder.roda@worktree.org tel 07984 178416.