WorkOut is win/win for them and you – Tina McDonald, Avalanche Coaching

Tina McDonald is a Leadership Trainer & Career Coach for Avalanche Coaching, a business which she’s been running since May 2016.  Recently she has been volunteering for Career WorkOut and Primary WorkOut sessions with Worktree.

“I wanted to do something local that wasn’t going to be long hours. I could only give a small amount of time and most volunteering is full days or half days. I wanted something that linked to my business and supported what I was doing.

“The first school I came to was St Paul’s Catholic School, which my own children attended but I’ve since tried to attend every school.  In the one-hour Career WorkOut session, the students were learning what’s important about careers.  They were interested in myexperience.

“In the primary schools (Primary WorkOut), you’re spending about 30 mins with a group of students, who have to ask questions to guess your job.  These sessions can be really funny with the age group you’re with.

“I loved it.  It reminded me what I love about my job and why I’m doing it.  The students have such a simple outlook to life, it makes it difficult not to feel great when you leave them.  They see what you’ve forgotten.

“From my perspective today’s students really need this.  They need to know what opportunities are available to them.  They are the leaders of our future and we have a responsibility to help them see how much is there for them.  In addition to helping these students, it’s a way to give back.  You can sign up to odd sessions, different schools, there are so many options that it fits round all jobs, all hours of work and all abilities. It’s a win/win for them and you.”

If you would like to volunteer for Career WorkOut or Primary WorkOut, choose one and sign up now…

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