Inspiring young people with employer encounters

A young person’s career journey is influenced by the people they encounter.  Over 30 years we have helped school students have hundreds of thousands of conversations with a wide range of working people.  Together, through these conversations, we inspire and broaden young people’s career outlook.

For Schools

As a school, you are required by the UK government’s Careers Strategy to create opportunities for your pupils to have meaningful employer and employee encounters. Our Virtual Career WorkOut sessions help you deliver these opportunities and more from the comfort of your own classroom.

For Volunteers

Young people need to talk to job-holders, like you, to understand the world of work. You can help by volunteering 40 minutes of your time to one of our Virtual Career WorkOut events, talking to young people and developing their career aspirations. If you only have 15 minutes to spare then why not record a Career SnapShot.

For Employers

More employees are looking for a wider range of rewards from work, including opportunities to be involved in meaningful volunteering in the local community.  Worktree offers various popular remote volunteering opportunities.

Digital access to real conversations with diverse working professionals

Our Virtual Career WorkOuts are just that – the opportunity for young people to access to up-to-date careers information in engaging, flexible and easy to run, online sessions.

Sessions are available to book now for Primary and Secondary Schools.

Looking for a quick, easy & fun volunteering oppurtunity?

From the comfort of your own home, you can help Worktree inspire by volunteering for one of our Career Workout sessions. Click the button below to see upcoming volunteering opportunities.

“Career WorkOut doesn’t only help you know about jobs, it helps you interact with other people, to know what skills you need to be a good employee.”

Year 8 Student, Oakgrove School

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