A productive hour with students – Emmanuel Agyei, Network Rail

Emmanuel Agyei has been a Procurement Manager at Network Rail for three years and recently took part in his first Career WorkOut at Sir Herbert Leon Academy. 

“I came across the Career WorkOut advert in the Quadrant Newsletter and thought it would be a good use of an hour of my time to share my work journey and life experience with a group of young people as a small way of contributing to society.

“I have a daughter the same age as the target group (Year 11) and we have been having conversations about life journeys and commitments to making career choices; so it was an easy decision for me to grasp the opportunity to interact and share my work experiences with the young people.  

“My general feeling was that these young people have a lot of opportunities ahead of them and with the right steer and direction each one of them can reach their goals, become good citizens and in turn contribute towards society.

“There was a great atmosphere and it felt like the time went by very quick. I felt good interacting with the students and found them to be engaging. In terms of my work as a procurement practitioner I felt I was publicising and raising awareness of what procurement means.  I was able to illustrate in simple terms what buying ‘stuff’ for businesses means and the students were able to grasp the concept easily. On the whole, this was a productive hour spent with the students.  I enjoyed every second of interacting with the diverse group of students and will definitely be taking part again.”

To sign up for your Career WorkOut session go to www.worktree.org/events or email Bhupinder Roda at Bhupinder.roda@worktree.org 

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