About Us

Worktree is a ‘trunk’ of volunteers through which young people can learn, imagine and blossom as workers.

We believe that having multiple conversations about work is vital to young people’s development as workers.  We enable students to ask working people openly what they do,  find out how they got there and imagine themselves in that role.

Together we connect and inspire.

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Why we Exist

Reduce Under-Employment

Education and training are key to tackling inequality and promoting social mobility, but formal qualifications are not enough to get and keep a job.  A fresh approach to employability education and training is needed.

Develop Employability Skills

A report published by the Confederation of British Industry (CBI) concluded that ‘employability’ comprised a mix of attributes, skills and knowledge, which everyone needs to be effective in work.

Stimulate Work Aspirations

Research by the Institute of Education shows that young people’s work aspirations are a good indicator of their employability in later life.

Provide Careers Information

Research by City & Guilds shows young people view contact with employers to be the best source of careers information.  But few get enough.

Introduce Real Workers

Research by the Employers & Education Taskforce shows young people who meet more employers and employees while at school achieve higher qualifications and better career prospects.

Set Realistic Expectations

A study by the Education & Employers Taskforce shows teenagers have a weak grasp of the availability of jobs – and large numbers aim for jobs that are in short supply.

Our Mission

We want all people work in jobs they are good at and enjoy.

To make good career choices, young people need to know their employability strengths and what employment opportunities are available. We believe both are developed through conversations with different people about work. The more work-related conversations, the better.

Our mission is to organise for every young person to meet and interview 50 work guests before leaving school – through Primary WorkOut and Career Workout – and to develop facilitators to do the same nationally and internationally.

We believe every community should have a Worktree.

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