Before 2020, Worktree facilitated face-to-face encounters between young people and diverse workers in carousels of short conversations about work.  This raised young people’s career awareness, aspirations, communication skills and confidence, helping them to find and hold jobs they could do well and enjoy.

We now deliver Virtual Career Workout, enabling more employee volunteers to communicate directly with students on the classroom screen.  More impact than ever!

While interested in securing soon a quality external evaluation, Worktree currently focuses on delivering WorkOut sessions and measuring the following:


The number of young people and diverse volunteer work guests in facilitated conversations in 2022-23:



Volunteer hours

MK students aged 9-18


The number of sessions attended and participant evaluation forms completed in 2018-19:

Workout session

Student evaluation forms completed

Guest evaluation forms completed

Staff evaluation forms completed


The increases in students’ career awareness, aspirations, communication skills and confidence; guests’ enjoyment of sessions, feeling valued and more positive about their work. 


in 2018-19, of total 6504 students aged 11-18 who participated in Career WorkOut sessions, 5882 completed pre- and post-session questionnaires which showed:


increase in ‘I have a good idea of different jobs I could do in the world of work’


‘I know what skills an employer will expect me to have when I start work’


increase in ‘I know what job I want in future’

Work Guests

In 2018-19, 934 volunteer work guests from 330 MK companies completed a total of 2061 volunteer hours and completed 1,456 post-session questionnaires showing:


agreed "This has been a good volunteering opportunity"


agreed "The session facilitator performed well"


agreed "This is a good way of informing young people about different jobs"


agreed "Talking to the students made me feel more positive about my work"


agreed "I am now more likely to volunteer in my community"


In 2018-19, 38 teachers from ten schools completed post-session questionnaires showing:


agreed "The variety of work guests was good for these students"


agreed "This was a meaningful employer encounter for these students"


100.0% agreed "The session was an important part of the students’ careers education"


agreed "The facilitator’s performance was good"

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