Impact 2017-18


The number of young people and diverse volunteer work guests in facilitated conversations in 2017-18:



Volunteer hours

MK students aged 9-18


The number of sessions attended and participant evaluation forms completed in 2017-18:

Workout session

Student evaluation forms completed

Guest evaluation forms completed

Staff evaluation forms completed


The increases in students’ career awareness, aspirations, communication skills and confidence; guests’ enjoyment of sessions, feeling valued and more positive about their work. 


in 2017-18, of total 6,547 students aged 11-18 who participated in Career WorkOut sessions, 4,774 completed pre- and post-session questionnaires which showed:


Increase in “I am confident making choices about my future work options”


Increase in “I am confident talking to adults I don’t know”


Increase in “I am committed to learning and want to achieve”.

Work Guests

In 2017-18 519 volunteer work guests from 164 MK companies made a total of 1,297 guest appearances and completed 1,025 post-session questionnaires showing:


Agreed “I enjoyed the session”, of which 79.5% strongly agreed


Agreed “I felt valued”, of which 67.0% strongly agreed


Agreed “I now feel more positive about my work”, of which 53.1% strongly agreed.


In 2017-18 71 teachers from ten schools completed post-session questionnaires showing:


Agreed “The session helped students make choices about their future work options”, of which 46.5% strongly agreed


Agreed “The session helped students to develop their employability skills”, of which 54.9% strongly agreed


Agreed “The session was important for students’ preparation for the world of work”, of which 69.0% strongly agreed.

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