Mondira Sinha-Ray

I am a retired Teacher. Taught Geography and English as a Second Language (Co-ordinator) in MK Secondary Schools for 20 years, now retired for nearly 13 years. I am also a DPSI qualified interpreter registered with the MK Council for 33 years and DPSI Examiner. 

While working, I was always very involved with the Career Advice aspect of the education of young people as I was working with the Minority Ethnic pupils. Aim has  been to enthuse, empower, inspire and assist young people to aspire and achieve their full potential. If they were not sure, that was the best challenge for me to bring to their attention all the possibilities that there are and think about to make an informed choice. 

I started Asian Girls’ Project in MK, which later became Equal Choices Programme winning a National Award and also one of the Founder members of citizenMK. Started Homework Club for Korean children (funded by council), Duncombe St Community Centre English class for young adults and  8-12 yr olds funded by Christian Foundation.

Now that I am retired, I have 7 Voluntary jobs : TVP (3), PPG, Worktree are the main ones.

Worktree was God sent and workout sessions are like magic potions for me. My reason for joining the Worktree Board was to contribute to the delivery of this fantastic programme offered to the students who are the future of MK.

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