Bianca Chappell, The M|MK Coaching Practice – I am a strong believer that giving back is the route to getting ahead

Bianca Chappell is a new guest to Career WorkOut. Read on to find out more about Bianca’s first experience.

“Alongside being a Life and Business Clarity Coach at The M|MK Coaching Practice, I am the proud Founder of The Mumpreneurs|MK Network. A nonprofit community organisation, supporting the entrepreneurial journey of mums in enterprise and personal development journey of women in the community. Successfully providing a platform of support for business and personal development training, workshops and networking events in our Facebook tribe and at our HQ in Bletchley since 2012”. 

“I have always been passionate about supporting and empowering young people, so being able to join the Worktree team to provide young people with an insight into the many options for employment and self-employment, is a great way to give back to the community”.

“Being involved in the session made me very proud of the young people I met. Too often society portrays a negative perception of young people, that is often a picture built around a percentage of young people, simply in need of support and guidance. So being able to enter into an open discussion providing young people with an opportunity to ask questions about the “How”, of my successful professional journey to date, made me feel a sense of pride for the young people in the community of Milton Keynes. They were tenacious, respectful, inquisitive about one’s career journey, and above all showed ambition. All important ingredients needed to explore an entrepreneurial or professional journey in adulthood. I came away with a sense of pride for the younger generation of MK”.

“I am a strong believer that giving back is the route to getting ahead. Giving back comes in many fashions, but ultimately represents itself as a feeling that I can only describe as great and a really good thing to dedicate and commit time to”.

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