Business and Education Leaders Launch #2000hours Career WorkOut Campaign

by | Jul 20, 2016 | News

Business and Education Leaders Launch #2000hours Career WorkOut Campaign

by | Jul 20, 2016 | News

Business and education leaders have launched a campaign to recruit hundreds of employees to visit MK schools to answer students’ questions about their jobs. Organised by local employability charity Worktree, the ‘#2000hours’ campaign will sign up ordinary workers to join one-hour Career WorkOut sessions in six local schools over the coming year. In each Career WorkOut session, small groups of 3-4 students will circulate around 8-10 work guests in a carousel of 6-7 minute interviews.  The total number of volunteer hours needed is 2,000 hours.

At a Drinks Reception hosted by Hewitsons Solicitors and MK College on Tuesday 19th July, business leaders pledged a total of 668 hours, almost exactly one-third of the target for the year.

Dr. Phillip Smith MBE, Chair of MK Business Leaders Partnership, said: “Businesses need young people who have made the right career choices and have the right employability skills.  Worktree’s Career WorkOut plays an important role in bringing young people face to face with the world of work.”

Tony Nelson, Headteacher of The Hazeley Academy (pictured with students), said: “Good teachers are vital but students need to meet a range of other adults who can inform and inspire them to succeed at work.  Worktree’s Career WorkOut sessions have had a dramatic positive impact on our students’ aspirations, personal vision and drive.”

Ferial Bezchi, Year 9 student from The Hazeley Academy said: “The session gave me insight into a variety of different jobs and what steps I can take to find the right one for me.”  Morgan Onley, a Year 12 student, said:  “Career WorkOut showed me there are so many different ways to get to the same goal.”

Lynne Adams of Hewitsons Solicitors said: “The benefits of volunteering for Career WorkOut are far ranging, from both a personal and business perspective.  Knowing you are positively contributing to the invaluable work of Worktree is a great feeling.  I would encourage anyone interested to take part.”

Dr. Julie Mills, Principal and Chief Executive of MK College, said: “MK is a land of employment opportunity but students often have a narrow view of their prospects.  Career WorkOut helps students make their career and study decisions a bit sooner.”

Tom Bulman of Worktree said: “We have ambitious plans to grow Career WorkOut from 4,000 students this year to 6,000 students next year, eventually reaching all 15,000 MK secondary school students and one in 50 MK workers.  It only takes an hour and 99% of work guests participating so far have strongly agree they enjoyed it.  We are delighted at getting volunteers from such a wide range of businesses so far.”

To sign up for an hour, as part of Worktree’s #2000hours campaign, click here.

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