Career Snapshot and Worktree survival

by | Jul 17, 2020 | News

Career Snapshot and Worktree survival

by | Jul 17, 2020 | News

Covid 19 has shaken Worktree to its roots.  What, no more face-to-face employer encounters in schools?!  The team’s creative juices have had to flow and we’ve come up with an exciting online offer including Career Snapshot videos, live Virtual Career WorkOut sessions and new ‘Find Your Job’ card games.  Now for our survival we urgently need volunteers to give just 10-15 minutes…


With the support of Alan Bullen, Chair of the Board of Trustees, and his amazing developers at Lynx Networks, Eddie Bullen and Daniel Ledger, we are on the verge of launching three new online services.

Career Snapshot (click link to see how it looks to the student) is our interactive human library of recorded interviews of job holders from all different sectors answering questions about their jobs.  It takes 10-15 minutes for you to create yours and can influence thousands of young people’s lives.

Find your Job is an engaging and versatile set of career education card games. Thanks to our volunteers who completed the survey indicating the ‘Likes’ and ‘Strengths’ in their job, and consultation with careers professionals, the cards point students to matching jobs which they may never have thought of.  It’s inspiring!

We’ll also be running Virtual Career WorkOut for our volunteers to meet and be interviewed online by small groups of students who are physically present in school classrooms.  There are technological challenges, with schools at different levels of preparedness, but we’re hopeful of overcoming them with trials and being ready to launch in September.

All these new resources will be offered to MK schools in place of the physical Career WorkOut we have enjoyed so much in recent years. We do not expect it will be possible to deliver in-person sessions in the foreseeable future, so we are asking all our 2000+ volunteers across MK to join us in this new way and be available for Virtual Career WorkOut sessions from September, not only in MK but also across the UK…and who knows, eventually across the world!

Worktree’s Board will meet on 30th September and decide then, depending on sales to MK schools, whether we have a viable business for the year ahead. Meanwhile over summer, we will be working hard to complete development of the new online services, connect with MK schools for trial sessions…and start selling. Wish us luck!

PLEASE DO YOUR CAREER SNAPSHOT TODAY – click here.  Tops tips for recording your Career Snapshot:  1) Don’t take more than 15 minutes, 2) Talk about what it’s really like in your job, don’t read from a script, 3) Allow yourself to make mistakes.  There’s a risk you’ll try too hard, take longer than you should…and not finish it.  Please don’t let the perfect be the enemy of the good.

Thank you.

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