Career WorkOut makes you feel really enthused about your role afterwards – Charlotte Lutz, Network Rail

by | May 26, 2018 | News

Charlotte Lutz of Network Rail has recently become involved in Worktree’s Career WorkOut program.

“I am the Executive Assistant to the Managing Director, Route Services at Network Rail. The Managing Director, Route Services sits on our Executive Committee reporting directly into our Chief Executive”.

“I have worked for Network Rail for 10 years, with the last 2 ½ years working for the Managing Director, Route Services”.

“I live in Milton Keynes and my daughter attends sixth form here.  As a parent of a child currently making decisions about their future education and career, I understand how important it is for students to have the opportunity to ask questions and learn from other people’s experiences. The world of work is a mysterious place to students, so it’s great to give them insight into what really goes on at work and how we got to where we are today”.

“I have attended a few sessions at Hazeley Academy with a variety of year groups.  We have also had the opportunity for students to come into our workplace, which gave them great insight into what the inside of an office looks like and the vast, diverse range of people who work there”.

“In this activity the students rotate around the guests, spending a few minutes with each guest and ask us questions on our jobs and our background.  The students are also encouraged to ask us about skills such as team work and problem solving – it really gets you thinking about the job you do”.

“It’s great that young people have the opportunity to get involved in this and learn about so many different careers and organisations.   In all of my experiences of this activity, the students have asked really engaging questions and related answers to their own skills and interests”.

“The sessions really encourage you think to think about your own role and all the different skills you use.  The students really care ‘how’ your role makes you feel – they want to know what you enjoy, what causes you stress and what encourages you to develop – that really gets you thinking as we’re often so busy ‘doing’ that we don’t stop and think about how our jobs and the challenges we face make us feel”.

“Career WorkOut makes you feel really enthused about your role afterwards and it’s great that the students show such interest”.

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