Employability Skills

By talking to young people, volunteer work guests can develop their own employability skills.

Some workers aren’t confident and effective talking to customers or colleagues, and communications training courses can be ineffective or unaffordable.  Talking about your work with young people challenges you to speak clearly, authentically and succinctly.

By answering young people’s questions, employers and employees can articulate and develop their own generic employability skills, which we call ‘STEPS’, based on the CBI’s definition of employability skills:

  • Self management – readiness to accept responsibility, flexibility, resilience, self-starting, appropriate assertiveness, time management, readiness to improve own performance based on feedback/reflective learning.
  • Team work – respecting others, co-operating, negotiating/persuading, contributing to discussions, and awareness of interdependence with others.
  • Enterprise awareness – basic understanding of the key drivers for business success – including the importance of innovation and taking calculated risks – and the need to provide customer satisfaction and build customer loyalty.
  • Problem solving – analysing facts and situations and applying creative thinking to develop appropriate solutions.
  • Speaking & listening – application of literacy, ability to produce clear, structured written work and oral literacy – including listening and questioning.
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