Interview WorkOut

Interview WorkOut trains Year 12-13 students to know and present their employability strengths effectively at interview.

In a fast-paced half-day (or whole-day) workshop students will:

  • Engage in a team challenge
  • Discover personal employability strengths
  • Practise talking about them
  • Interview work guests
  • Write a short job application and short-list others’
  • Interview and/or are interviewed for the job.

Students will learn to think like an employer, seeing things from the short-lister’s and interviewer’s perspectives.

Typical Schedule

  • See Work – list jobs, work as team to depict jobs;  research labour market information through ‘World of Work’ card game
  • Know Your Strengths – get and give feedback on personal employability skills with others from your team and whole group
  • Talk Strengths – practice talking about personal employability skills by interviewing and being interviewed by members of your group, receive feedback on performance
  • Career WorkOut – in small groups of 3-4, interview guests from world of work about their experiences of job application and interview (extended in full-day)
  • Mock Application – produce a short personal job application and participate in a panel short-listing others’ applications
  • Mock Interview – experience interview by guest from world of work and receive formal feedback from student observers/ participate in interview panel

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