Primary WorkOut

Primary WorkOut helps 9-11 year olds learn about different jobs and develop speaking & listening skills.

The aim of Primary WorkOut is to inspire primary school pupils to think about their futures and what career options they might have. 

The government’s new Careers Strategy wants more exposure of primary school pupils to the world of work, linked to the PSHE, English and Maths. Primary WorkOut helps deliver this to pupils through real employee encounters.

See it in action…

How it works

After a short introduction assembly, class groups rotate around 3-4 diverse work guests interviewing each one about their work. First the pupils spend five minutes asking closed questions to guess the guest’s job, then 15-20 minutes of open questions to find out what it’s really like.

Typical questions asked of guests

1. What is your job?
2. How many hours per week do you work?
3. How many holidays do you get every year?
4. Which are the best parts of your job?
5. What do you not like about your job?
6. What skills do you need to be good at your job?
7. How did you get your job?
8. How long do you want to do this job for?
9. What were your experiences of school?
10. What was your first job and how did you get it?
11. What other jobs have you had?
12. What was the best job you have ever had?
13. What was the best career decision you ever made?
14. What courses have you taken and what help have they been?
15. What is the key to getting on with people?
16. Why are listening skills important at your work?
17. What makes a good application for a job?
18. What makes a bad application for a job?
19. How do you make a good impression at an interview?
20. What is the easiest way to get it wrong at interview?

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