Employer Guidance for the First job. scheme

Employers have a key role in the First job. scheme, providing young people with an opportunity to work in their organisation.

For more information on the scheme visit the dedicated webpage.

Job types & requirements

Jobs which might be advertised are catering and hospitality, e.g. coffee shop (no knives or alcohol), retail (stacking shelves, assisting customers), paper round, babysitting, dog-walking, producing short business promotion video or written report from teenagers’ perspective. You must comply with local Council requirements.

Cost breakdown

During our pilot test, young people will be available to work up to 25 hours a week for up to 3 weeks this August. Employers must pay a minimum of £6 per hour to the young person (though we ask you to pay what’s fair).

During the pilot, there will be no admin charge to Worktree.

Who we are

Worktree is an established employability training charity with 30 years’ local, national and international experience serving young people and employers (see publications and resources).  First Job is our latest initiative to develop young people’s employability.  The project’s aim is to enable 14-15-year-olds to take up part-time paid work alongside school studies.

Submit a job listing for the 2024 pilot

Please use this form to submit a job listing for our August 2024 pilot scheme. If you have any questions about this form, please contact us.