Worktree for Employers

Motivate your staff, attract new talent and support your community.  We make it simple and keep it simple.

Worktree provides easy and meaningful volunteering opportunities in schools across the UK, helping young people ‘workout’ their career aspirations and steps to achieving their goals.  Employer activity reports record volunteer hours, young people reached and feedback from all participants.

How your company can help

Encourage volunteering

Tell your staff about the volunteering opportunity and/or commit volunteering hours on their behalf, setting a realistic target that encourages them.

Become a Champion

Become a Champion

Help Worktree grow by recruiting colleagues to volunteer or fund-raise so that WorkOut sessions can be delivered to more young people.

Become a Sponsor

Worktree relies on sponsors to operate and our sponsorship packages can provide some great benefits to your organisation.

Business Benefits

Employers gain the following benefits from encouraging their staff to volunteer at Worktree events: 

Corporate Social Responsibility

Volunteering to help young people demonstrates your organisations’ commitment to Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR).

Increased Motivation

Increased Motivation

Volunteering makes your staff feel good about themselves and the company they work for.

Skill Development

Skill Development

Talking to a diverse range of young people helps your employees develop their communication skills.

Recruitment Opportunities

Recruitment Opportunities

Positive interactions with young people encourage them to join your organisation in the future.

Better Society

Worktree events benefit the whole community by helping young people become more employable, making for a better economy.

Easy Volunteering

No preparation, no pressure, no prior qualifications required and simple registration. Volunteering for Worktree is easy for your staff.

Annual Awards Ceremony

Each year we host an annual awards ceremony to thank all of our amazing volunteers and employers who make our mission possible.

Certificates are awarded, guest-speakers give short talks and we round-up our achievements for the year.

To read about our 2022-23 award ceremony and see all the pictures, click here.

See how your organisation ranks in our employer volunteering league table.

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