Worktree for Schools

Multiple, meaningful encounters with working professionals inspiring students to reach their career potential

We introduce your students to a wide range of professionals through expertly facilitated one-hour sessions. Less work for your staff, consistently positive outcomes for your students.

Our engaging, flexible and easy to run sessions include Ofsted-ready reports and are the perfect, pain-free solution to meeting Gatsby benchmarks 2 and 5.

A formula for employability

It seems obvious that someone’s Employability is a combination of their Qualifications, Skills and Work Experience.

What is less understood is the importance of Conversations in motivating an individual to apply these attributes to a particular job.  They need to get close up to the job holder  someone who does that job, talk to them about it, so they can imagine themselves in the role.  You can’t be what you can’t see.

Not having these contacts with the real world of work can restrict an individual’s aspirations. That’s why Worktree organises for young people multiple, meaningful conversations with diverse workers from all work sectors.

Virtual Career WorkOut

Virtual Career WorkOut provides your students with digital access to real-life conversations with working professionals.

Age Group: Secondary School
Time: Around 1 hour

How does it work?

Students are joined in their classroom by 4-5 guests from the world of work live on screen. Following an employability warm-up activity, students ask questions about the guests’ jobs. In longer sessions, additional employability activities can be arranged.

Virtual Primary Workout

Virtual Primary WorkOut

Age Group: 9-11 year olds
Time: Up to 2 hour

How does it work?

The students split into 3-4 classes and classrooms, each with a virtual guest on screen (via video call), and rotate as a class round the 3-4 guests guessing what their job is. Then students will then have the opportunity to ask questions in order to learn about the career experiences and journeys of the volunteers.

Our facilitator will manage and guide discussion, whilst encouraging the students.

The sessions end back in the main room for a round up and feedback session.

How do I book a session for my school?

If you would like to organise a WorkOut session for your secondary or primary school, or would just like to know a little more, then please contact us and we will guide you through the simple process.

With Career Workout, your school benefits from…

Student Engagement

Providing students with the opportunity to ask questions and enter into real life, meaningful conversations with diverse working adults

Quality Employer Encounters

Real conversations with real workers who are ready to provide impartial careers information about local jobs (as required by Ofsted).

Community Cohesion

Providing students with genuine links to the local community and providing you with ‘Life in Modern Britain and Spiritual, Moral, Social & Cultural development’ evidence (as required by Ofsted).

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