Become a session facilitator

We hold high standards in session facilitation.  We have recruitment and training processes to ensure students and volunteer guests get a quality experience every time.  We want our facilitator team to be diverse and welcome interest from volunteers who would like to become facilitators. 

The role.

The role of Session Facilitator involves facilitating a one-hour Virtual Career Workout session which engages up to 30 students and five volunteer guests:  preparing students for up to 15 minutes before the guests arrive on screen, training them to ask interesting open questions; facilitating Q&A between students and guests, ensuring all students have a chance to ask questions and guests have roughly equal time answering them; wrapping up with a five minute evaluation and de-brief with the students.

Sessions are usually scheduled during school days, 8.30am-3.30pm.  Facilitators can choose how often they wish to facilitate, depending on availability of session, but must facilitate at least six sessions per year.  Trained facilitators are paid £25 per session.

Virtual Career Workout
Virtual Career Workout

The person.

This role is suited only to someone who:  has previous experience leading learning activity with teenagers; is reliable and able to adapt quickly to changing circumstances (e.g. class arriving late, guests occasionally suddenly disappearing from the screen); can learn quickly; has good familiarity with MS Teams and MS Powerpoint.

The training.

The training involves five stages, each followed by a feedback conversation with an experienced co-facilitator, and takes a minimum of five hours:  1) experience being a volunteer guest in a session; 2) shadow a facilitator through a full one-hour session; 3) facilitate one section of the session (fielding Q&A);  4) facilitate an additional section (either intro or outro with the students; 5) facilitate an entire session with an experienced facilitator shadowing.

If you are interested to find out more, contact, tel 07749 223918.

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