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As a charity we aim to benefit as many young people as possible.  You may know of a school we can work with for the first time.  Perhaps your child, niece/nephew or neighbour’s child goes there…or maybe it’s your old school or where you’re a governon.  It helps us hugely if you create a link for us at that school.

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Tell a teacher about Worktree.

Teachers are busy and can’t easily stay informed of all the external learning opportunities available to their students.

If you’ve enjoyed volunteering as a guest in a Worktree session, please tell a teacher about it and say how easy it can be for a new school to get involved.

Downloadable flyer for schools.

Schools we already work with.

How to approach the school.

Tell the teacher about your volunteering experience with Worktree and ask what they need help introducing students to real workers (a government requirement). 

Tell them you know of a charity which has a simple method for facilitating conversations with real workers and we would like to know if they could benefit.  Ask if they’re happy for you to share their contact details.  If so, then fill in the online form (or contact Worktree directly).

Virtual Career Workout

School Referral Form

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