Helping the next generation of workers – Louisa Allen, Risk Manager at Santander

Louisa Allen took part in Year 11 Career WorkOut sessions at Sir Herbert Leon Academy on Friday 14th of December 2018.  Find out more about Louisa’s experience. 

“I’m a Risk Manager at Santander and I joined in June 2018. Prior to that I worked at The Open University for nearly 5 years”.

“I think it’s important to help the next generation to navigate the jobs and careers options that lie before them. Having worked over 20 years I have learnt so much on my journey that I wished I knew when I started”.

“It’s also an opportunity to engage with young people in their own environment, something that many of us don’t get a chance to do in our daily lives”.

“I felt excited that these young people will be our workers of the future. They were bright, enthusiastic and interested on the whole to find out about my career path”.

“I came away enormously positive about my work and also what I had achieved. Sometimes your work can feel like a thing you do every day but when you talk about what you’ve done to interested 15/16 year olds, suddenly you realise that it’s pretty amazing”.

“I got the chance to reflect on the obstacles I’ve worked through and many learnings I have had. It was a confidence boost for myself too!”

To sign up for a session go to or contact Bhupinder Roda at 

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